Thank you for supporting MSSNYPAC.  The Legislator Scorecard is a summary of the voting and co-sponsorship records of all 213 state legislators on many legislative initiatives of importance to New York State physicians during the 2021 Legislative Session.

Physicians should be aware that there are a variety of factors relevant to sound contribution decisions which are not reflected in a "Scorecard." These include such things as: whether a particular legislator is in the Majority or the Minority; how close the margin is between majority and minority in a particular house; whether a member is chairman of a particularly relevant committee; and, whether a member has a leadership position in the legislative body of which he/she is a member.  It is also important to consider such things as: how a legislator is regarded by his or her colleagues; debate participation; and the negotiating role of a particular legislator.  Furthermore, in New York State, as in many other states, a great deal of importance takes place behind the scenes. Many times a legislator is extremely helpful in seeing to it that a bad bill never makes it to a committee or floor vote or is substantially amended to address concerns.  Scorecards don't reflect that "value" element.

Both membership in MSSNY and monetary contributions to MSSNYPAC are what makes this work possible and what keeps us working on behalf of New York State physicians and their patients every day.  Not only do we work proactively on behalf of physicians but we strongly oppose and work to defeat all regressive and inappropriate scope of practice expansion measures put forward by other interests.  The collective voice of physicians represented by MSSNY is vitally important and your support is crucial.  Thank you.

The five bills supported by MSSNY reviewed by the scorecard include:

  • A1396/S3762 – Regulating PBMs Pharmacy Benefit Managers
  • A4111/S4668 – Preventing Mid-Year Formulary Changes 
  • A4177/S2528 – Physician Network Due Process
  • A1741/S5299 – Preventing Co-Pay Accumulators 
  • A7129/S6435-A – Prior Authorization Reform

The five bills opposed by MSSNY included in the scorecard include:

  • A6770/S74-A – Expanding Wrongful Death Awards
  • A1535-A/S3056-A – Eliminate Collaboration Requirements For NPs
  • A3470/S2521 – Patient Medical Debt Reduction Act
  • A1921/S1519 – Optometrist Use Of Oral Medications 
  • A336-A/S2966-A – Mandatory Co-Prescribing or Opioid Antagonist

To view details pertaining to the substance of the bills listed and MSSNY's position, view the Bill Memorandums

We thank you so very much for your support and being a Force for Change in NYS healthcare policy.
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